night safari

When it comes to top things to do in Kandy, especially if you are an explorer at heart, a night safari is a must! Experience the thrills of making your way through the wilderness at night and observing what life is truly like in the jungles when the moon comes out.

nightlife in the forest

Wonder what could be more exciting than a daytime hike? Why of course it’s a night safari! The mountains are interesting to observe when darkness sets in as all the nocturnal animals crawl out of their habitats to wander about.
During our 2 hour safari, you will probably catch a glimpse of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, owls, spiders, and insects said to be inhabiting the vicinity of Hunas Falls. The owls here are fascinating creatures – the Brown Fish Owl, Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, and Brown Wood Owl are species most commonly spotted here. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for the largest moth species and the largest spider species in Sri Lanka!

species at hunas falls

  • Amphibians – 25 species
  • Reptiles – 35 species
  • Mammals – 30 species
  • Insects
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