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For our guests who are nature lovers, hiking in Kandy is an absolute must! This is an opportunity to take in a diverse array of ecosystems and habitats, which are home to rich biodiversity. Take delight in the thrilling trails we offer at Hunas Falls for your trekking pleasure.

hiking trails by hunas

Nestled amidst over 112 acres of landscape, Hunas Falls, thrive amidst the dominating presence of verdant mountains, which in turn offer adventure seekers plenty of hiking and trekking trails to explore. The shortest trail being around 1 hour to the Spice Garden which is approximately 2km, and the longest trails being 6 hours long to the Hunasgiriya Mountain which is 12km, there is much to see here.
For wildlife enthusiasts, the Simpson Trail is ideal as you will be led through a rainforest where you are sure to spot monkeys and various species of birds. If you’d like to see a bit of history as well, opt for the Plantation Trail where you will walk through a tea plantation and down winding roads to find carvings of ancient symbols. There is certainly a trail for every kind of taste out there at Hunas Falls.

more trails at hunas

  • Night walk – 2 hours
  • Sembuwatta Lake – 10 km round trip for 6 hours
  • Terraces Trail – 3km round trip for 1 hour
  • Hills Trail – 2km round trip for 1 hour
  • Shaheen Walk – 3km round trip for 1.5 hours
  • Grassland Trail – 6km round trip for 6 hours
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