bird watching

A true haven for bird lovers, bird watching in Sri Lanka during your stay at Hunas Falls promises to be a completely relaxing and unforgettable experience. One which will offer you the chance to relish the cool climate and spectacular vistas, in absolute peace and serenity!

birdwatching on shaheen peak

Gaze at the mountainside from Hunas Falls and you’ll easily spot Shaheen Peak with its dry rocky surface. Also known as the Vehigala Kanda among locals, this is said to be the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the Shaheen Falcon. This is an indigenous species of the area and is not very hard to spot with its dark black, cape-like feathers on its wings and yellow-tinged beak.
The journey towards the mountain is not as challenging as one might expect it to be. Make your way through the footpath with tall grass on either side and you are sure to feel a sense of adventure take over your senses. Apart from gaining the opportunity to observe a variety of bird species, the peak of this mountain offers a wonderful view of the hotel and surrounding areas.

other bird species on shaheen peak

  • White Bellied Sea Eagle
  • Layard’s Parakeet
  • Jungle Prinia
  • Warblers
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