waterfall experience

The stunning mountainous backdrop which Hunas Falls, is framed against, is also home to equally magnificent waterfalls near Kandy. Including the hotel’s namesake, Hunas Falls which is also known as the Hunnasgiriya Falls. Explore them to your heart’s content during your stay with us!

falls of hunasgiriya

As the main attraction of the hotel, the Upper Hunas Falls immediately garners the attention of guests upon arriving with its constant hum of water flow. So, signing up for a waterfall experience is an absolute must-do activity during your stay in Kandy.

Just a stone’s throw from the resort, the spectacular water body, and the surrounding area is best explored early morning hike in the company of a seasoned guide. Taking along a delicious picnic breakfast too is a possibility along with enjoying a quick dip in the waters if one is not averse to the cold water.

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