kids special

We offer an unforgettable experience for kids here at Hunas Falls. When it comes to things to do with family, we offer some of the most fun and thrilling activities to try out.

kids trekking

If your kids seem to have the adventurous heart, how about a trek to keep them on their toes? The little ones will be given the opportunity to explore the bigger picture of Hunas Falls which is sure to be a magical experience.

  • Kids get the chance to explore the terrain
  • A fun experience to unravel nature
kids farming experience

How about a farming experience for the kids too? They are sure to be delighted at the thought of picking out their favourite fruits and vegetables at our spice garden and maybe learn a thing or two about how to care for these delicate crops.

  • Picking out fruits and vegetables
  • Learning about how to grow and care for plants
kids cooking experience

Cooking is one of the activities the little ones absolutely adore. We would like to entertain them with a cooking lesson on their holiday at Hunas Falls. They are sure to find it quite interesting!

  • Learning a few simple recipes
  • Learning how to use kitchen utensils safely
  • Learning about how to grow and care for plants
pony rides

Pony rides are something the little ones definitely look forward to. The pony rides we offer will certainly inspire their imagination with splendid views of the mountainside and garden as they sit saddled on the well-groomed pony.

fish feeding

The children are sure to be fascinated by the fish that swim in the clear lake at Hunas Falls. We give them the chance to get closer to these wonderful creatures of nature by engaging in an activity they’ll love!

educational nature walks

The kids are sure to be curious about the vibrant plants in our beautiful garden as well as the colourful birds singing amid the trees at our hotel. That’s why we offer them an educative nature walk to help them discover the mysterious secrets of nature.

  • Nature walks across our gardens.
  • Kids get to discover the wonders of ature.
kids camping

The word camping in itself is sure to excite the little ones as it keeps them close to nature. For a one of a kind experience at Hunas Falls, we offer a chance for kids to get to know the thrills of true adventure with a camping session in the premises.

  • Enjoyable family experience in the wilderness
  • A daytime camping session
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