Hemmed in by the Knuckles Mountain Range and forest reserves, the area around Hunas Falls is draped in silky waterfalls, untouched wild jungles and tea plantations. Hunas Falls holds one of the most scenic locations among Elkaduwa hotels and also allows guests a peek at local life.

the people and culture

Some of these estates have fallen to picturesque ruin while others still function today. As such the area is home to estate workers that descend from the original Indian Tamil workforce that was brought to Sri Lanka by the British to counteract the lack of labour for the suddenly booming tea industry in the 1880s.
They are mostly Hindu, so colourful and lichen damped kovils and dazzling midnight festivals, with processions of dancers, brightly lit pandols and the womenfolk radiant in brilliant shades of saris are a common sight.

life in the local area

  • A charming cluster of village houses
  • Colourful Hindu temples
  • A cultural experience
  • Friendly local folk
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