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The Camper’s Guide to Camping – Looking at the Benefits

November 27, 2019

Everyone knows what camping is. While only a few people actively seek out camping trips and fit them into their yearly schedules, everyone dreams of going on a camping trip at least once in their lives. If you are looking for reasons as to why you should make this upcoming year, the year you go camping, here’s a list of benefits.

1. Socialising

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go camping with your workmates instead. Studies have shown that doing an outdoor activity with a group of people is a much better way to create meaningful and lasting friendships.

2. Personal Development

You won’t necessarily be only meeting people in your own circles, especially if you are going out to popular camping sites like Hunas Falls where you are bound to meet new people and form interesting connections.

3. Problem Solving Skills

Something you can always double back to use in the workplace, studies have shown that putting yourself outside your comfort zone will enable you to face problems head-on and come up with creative solutions.

4. Unplugging

In the modern digital age, it is detrimental to your health to be constantly plugged in. A weekend away from your laptop and your phone will have a drastic effect on your personal outlook.

5. Personal Health

In order to ensure physical fitness is something that follows you along for the rest of your life, you must incorporate regular exercise. What better way than to take a hike with a beautiful destination in mind?

6. Connecting with Nature

Reconnect with nature. Take some time to slow down and really look at the world around you. The world is so beautiful and resplendent if only you are there to enjoy it.

7. Sunshine and Vit D

Exposing yourself to some sunshine and fresh air will do wonders for your health. Vitamin D will help the absorption of calcium and phosphorous into your body developing strong bones and teeth.

8. Improved Mental Health

According to researchers, being in natural greenery is said to alleviate depression levels by up to 71%.

9. Good Food

Just because you are out in the wilderness does not mean you need to forgo on good food. If you don’t want to eat trail mix and boil tea in a small pot, you can always opt for glamping in Sri Lanka. It is a relatively new concept in the island but picking up fast.

10. Better Sleep

Exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery contribute to better sleep at night. A study done by the University of Colorado in 2013 states, “camping can reset our biological clock and help people with sleep issues improve their sleep cycle.” So what are you waiting for? Let’s pack a bag and head out!

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