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A Walk Around the Kandy Lake

January 07, 2020

It is no secret that Kandy is a romantic destination thanks to its regal and colonial charm and small city limits that can easily make for many a slow walking day. There are some wonderful choices if you are looking for a hotel in Kandy Sri Lanka, suitable for all kinds of budgets.

If you are looking for a romantic promenade in the hill capital of Sri Lanka, there’s nothing better than a walk around the lake and here’s why.


The city spills out into a plateau surrounded by pine-covered mountains and as a result, you would never be short of nature in Kandy. The Kandy lake is surrounded by ancient mara trees, topped in meringue-like flowers come the flowering seasons, shading walkers and susurrating over their heads. As you walk along Sangharaja Mawatha; on the left bank, you will get a spectacular view of the Temple of the Tooth and the surrounding palace complex set amidst the backdrop of Udawattekelle forest reserve in generous sprawls of deep emerald green.


Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe flooded paddy fields in order to construct the iconic lake in the centre of the ancient city, constructing around it a white wall called “Walakulu Bemma” or Cloud Wall for its distinct shape. The wall remains unfinished as the kingdom was plagued by invaders, but today it gives character to your romantic excursion. The walk will be dotted with vendors selling everything from street food to lottery tickets and children’s toys. You can also book a boat ride around the lake.

The Temple of the Tooth Relic

If you book into a local hotel like Hunas Falls, you will be spending some time exploring the Temple of the Tooth Relic. A UNESCO Heritage Site and the crowning jewel of Kandy, the temple is popular among devotees and history buffs alike.

It adds a beautiful canvas to the lake, especially whichever bank you view it from.

The Remnants of Royalty

The legacy of the last days of the Kandyan kingdom were full of bloody history; like the marker in the lake where the womenfolk of the royal minister were drowned by the vengeful king.

Another structure in the lake also features a story centred around women; the queen’s bathing pavilion which is known as Ulpange.

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