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The Best Places to go Trekking in Kandy

January 07, 2020

Thanks to its situation in a plateau surrounded by beautiful mountains and popular ranges, Kandy is one of the most famous places to go trekking. Whether it’s with your friends and family or that very special someone, here are a few of the most popular treks.

The Knuckles Mountain Range

After having checked into a resort in Kandy, you can ask for more details at their front desk with regard to treks in the surrounding mountains. One of the major mountain ranges is the Knuckles, named thus because of the peaks all representing a human knuckle.

The Knuckles covers a large portion of the central province and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are taking this trek there are two very popular routes as mentioned below.

  1. Hunasgiriya Route

The Hunasgiriya route is close to the hotel nearby, Hunas Falls. If you are coming towards the mountain range from Kandy using the A26 road, take a moment to witness the mountain range in all its majesty. The trek is 12 km with medium difficulty level and would take you approximately 7 hours to complete. It will take you through picturesque lakes, breath-taking mountains, sweeping valleys and tea estates.

  1. Rangala Route

The Rangala route is a bit tougher with 26 km to trek and some of it through very hard terrain. It is highly recommended that you don’t try this without a competent guide if you don’t have a prior trekking and hiking experience. The sights you will see in the trail makes up for roughing it though.

The Alagalla Mountain Range

The Alagalla mountain has a peak of 1150 metres. It is a well-beloved trail among trekkers. There are two points from which you can attempt the trek and the choice depends on the difficulty level.

  1. Alagalla Route

The best trek is the route that begins at the Poththapitiya bus stand. It is a very green route that will take you through rolls of emerald tea estates. After that, the trail enters a thick forest with concrete inlaid roads for you to follow. The whole trail is about 10 km and takes 4 hours or thereabouts to complete.

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