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4 Waterfalls You Cannot Miss When in Kandy

October 22, 2019

One of the most magical aspects of Kandy other than the lush cultural exposure is the breath-taking beauty of the many natural waterfalls, each with a starkly different personality. Here is a list of four spectacular cascades within driving distance from the best hotel in Kandy.

Ramboda Falls

Situated close to the iconic Ramboda Pass on the main road to Nuwara Eliya, the Ramboda Falls is an iconic fixture along the drive through Pussellawa between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. At a height of 109 m, it is the 11th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

The surrounding area is rich in biodiversity and makes a great route for hiking enthusiasts and nature photographers.

Huluganga Falls

The waterfall is located on the very edge of the Knuckles Forest Reserve some 30 km away from Kandy. Since the Knuckles are well known as an area surrounded by waterfalls, it is popular among tourists and locals looking for a breath-taking adventure. It is fed from the Hulu river near Panwila and stands at 75 m. It flows into the Victoria reservoir.

Hunas Falls

A drive away from Kandy, tucked into a small town called Elkaduwa is Hunas Falls. The waterfall is fed from streams up on the Hunnasgiriya mountain range and stands at 38 m. Our hotel, Hunas Falls situated just by the upper waterfall has been popular as a romantic getaway among honeymooners since our inception 48 years ago.

Rathna Falls

Another tall waterfall at 109 m, earning it the place of the 14th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Rathna Ella is not only beautiful but an integral part of agriculture in the region of Hasalaka. The paddy cultivation downstream has benefitted from the waters of Rathna Ella since ancient times. It is said that people built small anicuts in order to channel the water from the waterfall to irrigate their crops. The waterfall is essential to the lush countryside that surrounds it and provides water to at least 200 farmers.

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