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Ten Must-Do Activities in Kandy

November 27, 2019

As the hill capital of Sri Lanka as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are many things to do in Kandy and all without breaking much of a sweat because it is a small city that is densely packed into a plateau surrounded by mountains.

If you are planning to explore Kandy here’s a list of 10 things that should Lake in every bucket list.

1. Visit a Tea Factory

Visit a tea factory. If you’d like to take a trip outside of the immediate city, a tuk ride would take you to plenty of tea plantations where you can visit the factory, see how the famous Ceylon tea is made and even try a little tea tasting at the café’s these factories are normally home. There is also the Hantane Tea Museum which is about an hour’s drive from Hunas Falls.

2. Watch a Traditional Kandyan Dancing show

Kandyan dancing is a traditional type of dance that originated in the Kandyan kingdom. In Sinhalese, it’s known as “udarata” dancing style. There is a recurring show that takes place every day close to the Temple of the Tooth at around 5-6 pm.

3. Walk Around the Lake

Take a walk around the Kandy Lake which is a man-made lake built in 1807 by the last king of the Kandyan kingdom. It is the centre of the city and makes for a very calming walk either early in the morning or during the sunset. Despite the bloody history behind the lake, it is a distinct and picturesque part of the hill capital.

4.Have a Snack or Three

From street food to restaurants to cheap eateries, Kandy has one of the best selections of international cuisine within proximity to each other. Check out the Kandy Muslim Hotel, Café Divine Street, Balaji Dosai, Licensed to Grill, Soya Ice Cream and more.

5. Visit the Temple of the Tooth

Since the 16th century, Kandy has played host to the Tooth Relic of Buddha. It is housed in a temple adjacent to the royal palace and is paraded in a ceremony every year during the Perahera festival.

6. See Kandy from beside the Big Buddha

View the beauty of the Kandyan plateau from the top of Bahirawakanda mountain standing beside a massive white statue of Buddha that looks over the entire city

7. Explore the Royal Botanical Gardens

With a staggering 2 million visitors every year, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya has one of the most impressive collections of flora with over 4,000 species. You can take a gold buggy through the 59 acres if walking through it is a chore.

8. Visit a Spice Garden

Sri Lankan cuisine is a good indication of the myriad of delicious spices that the country is famous for. Kandy is home to many lovely spice gardens that you can visit and buy samples at.

9. Roam the Streets

Explore Kandy if you have the chance. The heart of the city is very small and full of old buildings nestled next to new ones, without a skyscraper in sight. Explore the little shops, absorb the views that haven’t changed much since the 1900s and chat with the friendly locals.

10. Visit a Museum

Visit the World Buddhist Museum, the Ceylon Tea Museum and the National Museum to learn about the history of this city you are visiting and exploring.

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