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This awesome experience begins at 2 pm where you will meet our camping crew at the campsite with a delicious welcome drink to get things started off. Explore the trails of Shaheen mountains while on an enjoyable trek towards the peak. Bird watching too is a must-do camping activity at the Hunas Falls campsite with many rare species of birds sneaking out from the cover of leaves now and then. The best part of it all is, of course, the waterfall experience! Challenge yourself to handle the cool water of the beautiful cascading waterfall and have some fun splashing about in the freshwater! Dinner will be by the bonfire where the crackling of the fire becomes the music for the evening. Enjoy delicious BBQ dishes while they are still hot, and this will keep you warm in the pleasantly cool night air at our lovely campsite.

Book your adventure experience at Hunas Falls today for an exciting excursion in the mountains of Sri Lanka!

experiences to look forward to

  • Shaheen Mountain Trek
  • Plantation Trek
  • Waterfall experience
  • Bird watching
  • BBQ dinner by the bonfire
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